Hi. I'm Ben

I'm a resident of Waltham, Massachusetts, and I'm passionate about helping groups reach their potentials.

What would education look like if you were to create it from scratch?


What are our educational responsibilities? What's in our best interest?

I graduated with a B.A. in Philosophy from Brandeis University, where I worked as a research assistant to Prof. Jon Levisohn in the philosophy of education. I’ve studied group engagement in schools as well as conferences across the country. Currently, I teach fourth grade at The Rashi School, a private K-8 school in Dedham, MA. In my work, I implement aspects of flipped classrooms, project based learning, teaching as learning, and meta-cognitive processes.

My focus in education revolves around our responsibilities as a nation to educate our country and build a healthy, growing, and sustainable society. Once we’ve identified those responsibilities, what does their execution look like in our schools? As information becomes evermore abundant and accessible, and our economy requires savvy, creative innovators, what sorts of curricula, classrooms, economic incentives, and education staffing are most appropriate?


experience sound, silence, and group dynamics in a whole new way

Songleading connects with the core of a community to support its mission and philosophy. Music, games, stories, meditations, and discussions; these are the tools of the trade. A songleader listens to the group. Sensing participant's desires and ideas, he presents them back to the group at large. A songleader facilitates a loop of spontaneity, direction, and creation from participant to group and back again. A songleader identifies new places in the music to explore and carries the group there.

I go into every songsession with a plan, often several, and as a group, we end up creating something entirely new. This kind of work is the closest I ever feel to the passionate and uninhibited, free play that we experience as children. At the height of a songsession, neither the group nor I know where we're going next, and that's okay. That's what is so exciting. We lead each other to some new creation, some new experience, uniquely ours and of our own doing. A good songsession is a group accomplishment.

If your business, school, sport, club, camp, festival, or other community is looking to engage together, strengthen its mission, and enrich it's dynamic, sing with me. My programs are inviting, a little moving and spiritual, and always a good time. Be in touch to find out how a songleading event can support your community.


It's not the music. It's what you do with it.


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