Boston songleader Ben Lovenheim leads groups in singing songs, telling stories, playing games, and wrestling with ideas. Singing together helps people form a community and a common ground upon which they can talk to and learn from each other.  Ben aims to make singing an experience that transcends song and reaches into our lives and those around us.

“Ben is a passionate and dedicated teacher and a brilliant musician…”
–Jodi Woodnick (former summer camp director)

What is songleading?

“The main question, then, should be not ‘is it good music?’ but ‘what is music good for?’” –Charles Seeger

This question posed by Charles Seeger (father of famed American folk singer Pete Seeger) drives Ben as an artist. He doesn’t seek good songs, but rather songs that are good for. Songs can be good for making us happy or sad, and shaking up our thinking or strengthening our convictions. They can be good for entertaining and amusing, and helping us notice some of the amazing things in this world we too often miss. They can help us meditate on a single, valuable thought—and act on it.  Some songs make us angry, and we need that; others raise our passions and fill us with joy. How do songs move you?

Ben leads a variety of group singing programs for community organizations, business, schools, and summer camps.








“…not only did the melodies make me happy, but the lyrics of the song we were singing “everybody, everybody, everybody starts out…small” truly meant something to me, inspiring and touching. I also like the way Ben teaches singing; he was fun yet structured. He gave the impression that singing is not hard, and he was kind of relaxed and “easygoing” with us, but he also pushed us to achieve the goal he wanted.”
-Songsession participant

“Ben is warm, friendly, personable and talented…people are still remarking about the wonderful song sessions and song leader we had a month after our retreat.”
–Laurie Shapiro, Director of Education; Congregation Eitz Chayim, Cambridge, MA

“Ben is a passionate and dedicated teacher and a brilliant musician… While Ben may seem reserved upon first meeting, nothing could be further from the truth. I have seen Ben in a bandana and cowboy boots as he whips a room full of people into a rousing frenzy of “Oh Susannah!” on the banjo. I have also seen him sing a quiet and moving ballad as a room full of teenagers sits mesmerized… 
–Jodi Woodnick (former summer camp director)